Have you ever heard of Backlinking? How about Crosslinking? Well, I haven’t heard of it until today. Apparently, these two are important determining factors for your website’s search engine ranking, popularity and relevance. Yes, these are one of those SEO techniques that help you get your site noticed by researchers.

So what exactly are backlinks and crosslinks? In layman’s terms, backlinks are links to your website from another website. The more backlinks your site has the higher PageRank you’ll have.  And if you have a high PageRank the bigger chances your site will do well in a search engine’s results. Simple, right? Not really. I read that if you build too many backlinks over a short period of time it can lower a website’s PageRank Ouch!

What about crosslinks? Well, crosslinking is linking between sites or within the site that have similar content. For example, if you have a page explaining the concept of SEO, a crosslink to techniques related to SEO might help some visitors. Crosslinking within your site is also an effective way to keep visitors on your site longer. However, heavy crosslinking of sites can get your sites penalized. The important thing to remember when crosslinking is that there should be relevancy. If there is no connection between those links better avoid crosslinking or else Google will give you the boot.

Now if you want to use these tactics for your site, remember to keep them in moderate. Your goal is to increase web traffic, not decrease it by lowering your PageRank and getting penalized. Too much of something is bad, right?

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