The BlackBerry PlayBook had quite a bit of airtime in the Black Eyed Peas Video of Time of Your Life. Although I couldn’t really call myself a Black Eyed Pea fan but I could never deny that I am a crackberry addict. Guess that places me past the denial stage. Anyway the video features RIM’s first entry to the tablet market that is announced to be available by 1st Quarter. It doesn’t really surprise me that the group was able to grab a device as the group’s Will.I.Am is a known BlackBerry aficionado and with Research in Motion ramping up marketing efforts to create a buzz for their new hardware.

The song lyrics did bring fire up the usual Apple versus Oranges comparison or to better term it Apples versus BlackBerrys. There are Apple fans pointing out this part of the song “Who’s the baddest of them all, ya gotta be the apple, I’m the mac daddy y’all”. To those who don’t know Apl de Ap is one of the group’s vocalist and the original lyrics goes as “Who’s the baddest of them all? Yeah, it’s gotta be the apl I’m the mack daddy, y’all”. Well nothing really new in this front as fans from both sides has been going at it for years already.

The music video showcases how the PlayBook could be used with its rear camera. And while I could be fairly certain that the screen of the playbook is a product of video editing, which is one of the services our company also boasts . I am pretty much hyped at the size of the device which doesn’t make it look all that awkward to use the camera which is reported to be 5 MP and able to capture HD photo and video.

The BlackBerry PlayBook is reported to run Flash content as opposed to Apple’s stance against Adobe’s product. Check out our other services which include web design services to include mobile browsing compatibility. One thing is certain though… with all these tablets from Android and the iPad 2 being released today more and more users will eventually be preferring the mobility and accessibility of mobile internet.