Facebook is a social media which you can connect with people inside and outside the country. It is user friendly and it has also an easy to follow system which you can easily learn how to use Facebook even if it is your first time. Now, Facebook is one of the leading social media being used by many people around the world.

Facebook has different features which makes them unique and that’s why they outstand many other social media.  Some of their features are playing of games and other interesting applications, can tag a link, photo or a video, has a unique profile with chat (which works like a messenger), and the famous Facebook Likes and recommend.

Another good thing about this social media is their fan page. You can create different fan pages of celebrities, companies, organizations, schools, and many other more. Having a fan pages is like having also your own website. Creating custom facebook fan page layout or a fan page design can help you get more Likes from people around the world.

Facebook is famous about their Like button which became their signature icon. Literally you like that page that’s why you click the Like button, but not only that, you can gain access to their page, see their wall and the recent activities and events that happened to them; getting to know more information about them and the dates where an event will be held are the results of liking a page.

Now, many entrepreneurs use facebook to introduce and sell their products. By creating a fan page, they endorse and commercialize their business in order to gain customers. Because of the easy accessibility of facebook, your business can be easily viewed by people and know about your business. Eventually, with the help of the Recommend button, recommending your page to the users will also help spreading your page and getting more Likes and customers.

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