Content Management Systems (CMS) or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are not synonymous with each other however if you setup your CMS properly it could be beneficial to your SEO. Should you use CMS to boost your search marketing? You may wonder if this is the correct step to take for better business.

If done properly CMS is a boon for your SEO but one mistake and you could inadvertently cause your site to plummet in search rankings.

There are a couple of reasons why you should use CMS:

  • CMS allows you to have a default template for your website’s pages.
  • It allows non technical writers to contribute and update the content of the site.
  • It gives you control over approval of content and changes done to the website.
  • CMS provides version control with posted content.

These are only some of the advantages of utilizing CMS for your webpage. Fresh relevant content is great for SEO and CMS allows you to standardize your template for posts and you may be able to set it up perfectly to aid your SEO and your writers may be able to upload and post content that would have the same format or template with previous posts of other contributors. Should you or your writer make a mistake and crash your ranking, you may be able to revert your website to the previous version that had better rankings. And who does not want control over posted content? As I am sure you would want to review what your writer is posting for you and make sure that content and keywords are properly done.

However there are drawbacks to CMS that you can avoid with proper setup.

A huge number of CMS default settings are terrible for your SEO. They create dynamic URL which is not good for search engine crawlers. Some create same page titles which is also not helping your SEO. Worst of all is having duplicate content which if you look it up in SEO would crash your ranking and numerous other problems.

If you have decided to use CMS and considered these factors it is best to have someone experienced in setting this up for SEO purposes. We at Virtual Office Xpress (VOX) would like to discuss with you what we could do for you and your website.