A quality image is something that gives your visitor the “First Impression”. It is a must that we provide quality images as the saying goes that a picture can say a thousand words. The first thing majority of the visitors notice is your website header. The image must exude whatever personality you want to bring out in your business.

Well here are ways on how to enhance images and to make it either stand out or blend in your web design concept.

  • Lomo PhotographyLomography is already a fad and has a pretty good following with a niche market of its own. This provides photographs with surreal effects such as looking through a fish eye or psychedelic images. If you don’t have a Lomo camera you can still achieve such effects with Photoshop.
  • The Gritty EffectBy editing and providing a gritty effect on your photo you add drama to the image and this is usually used to call attention or highlight an image.
  • High Dynamic Range ImagingUsually termed as HDR or HDRI can be achieved through Photoshop by using tools, options and technique.
  • Soft Focus PhotographyThis technique allows the image to blend in while making the subject catch the viewer’s attention.
  • Streams of Dusty LightThis allows your image to call in your viewers attention by producing a surreal stream of light.
  • Snow Photo EffectThis allows you to add falling snow in your image to provide a better feel of the weather.
  • Enhance Skin ToneProvide better skin tones with your images. This method is heavily used with magazines.
  • Photo Color CorrectionThere are so many things that affect color images from a camera’s perspective. You can correct this with Photoshop if you want to show a more accurate representation.

These techniques are used to provide you not only with a better looking website but also make your website a professional feel. Contact us to know more techniques on how to enhance photographs and images.