Did you just happen to pass by an Apple store with a crowd of people lined up outside? This is most probably caused by Apple’s long awaited 2nd generation tablet, the iPad 2, which is set to be available for purchase at 5pm. Even other establishments that offer the iPad2 is continuing to build up the crowd as consumers are excited to own Apple’s first tablet with cameras. If records are meant to be broken I am certain that with Apple’s marketing genius this day is set to break records.

But wait I should be concerned about my prediction as I checked Apple store online where the iPad2 is already available for purchase. Ship dates was initially within 3-5 days when I checked but is now pushed back to 2-3 weeks. The underlying question is does Apple have sufficient amount of stock to meet the market demand for the iPad2 today? One reason that they should be is having the data and experience with market demand when they launched the first iPad. One thing that I think is working against them is the way I got used to Apple’s 1 year cycle on devices, the iPad2 is released a month early this year.

Another thing that makes me question if the record would be broken today is the rumors of iPad3 in the works already and is rumored to be released sometime late this year. The presence of competition and the rumored release date of the iPad3 to be within the year also have people thinking twice before thinning the bank account again.

So while it is not certain that iPad2’s first day sales figure would overshadow its predecessor I can assure everyone that retailers will be happy to see these tablets fly off the shelves as soon as they are allowed to sell them. Now if you’re getting a brand new iPad2 I would suggest the first thing you should do is fire up the browser and see if it would display your business website. If there are any compatibility issues contact us as I am sure you would want all these additional tablet owners not to miss out on your website.