If you have been following FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) show Criminal Minds you would know that the team was provided spanking new iPads by the eccentric team analyst Penelope Garcia to aid in solving cases, with the exception of brilliant Dr. Reed. This happened in the episode ‘Middle Man’. Although no brand was revealed or mentioned for those shiny new tablets, the geek in me instantly recognized it as Apple’s tablet. For the past several episodes this season you can see the team browsing through their iPads in meetings which Penelope uses to push vital case information to and during the flights in their private jet mostly to review the case. I do wonder if they would upgrade to the iPad 2 once it is released this March 11, 2011.

Whether this depicts real life use by law enforcement on tablets in general or a dramatization on what the future might be for the FBI, I just can’t enough of just how the show is keeping up with the times and I would say targeting the generation Y audiences. While most people don’t see the advantages of mobile computing yet I don’t think that 14 million iPads sold in less than a year could be considered a slow adoption rate. Although I am sure that Apple’s great marketing and fan base would attribute to this number.

Can you imagine just 1% of that 14 million that might be interested in your business? That is 140,000 iPad users and potential clients. If the iPad would not be able to display your company website I am fairly certain that this would not stop them from jumping on to the next company that would accommodate their portable device.

So while I don’t think that BAU members would be doing any shopping on your company website anytime in the show there are still 13 million reasons you should have an iPad compatible website. Contact us now and we can show you how.