Smartphones and Tablets number of adopters continue to rise every year and with data plans offered by providers continue to go south these numbers are expected to continue growing. The accessibility of these devices and its ability to access information anywhere on the go has provided a boost in Mobile Internet growth. The iPad alone has shipped 14 million units already in less than a year and iPad 2 is already set to come out.

Even Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt has stated that the growth of Mobile Browsing has even surpassed all their earlier predictions. He addressed in his keynote speech at the Internet Advertising Bureau’s Annual Leadership meeting that YouTube gets 200 million mobile playbacks a day. One important thing to note in his speech is that he stated that 78% of smartphone owners use their phones to shop online.

Google already has entered into the mobile computing world by providing its Android operating system to different manufacturers and has a growing community with applications and user base.

This trend can no longer be ignored. While I was a bit more of an earlier adopter to smartphones and mobile browsing I have still found a lot of websites that are not mobile compatible even to this day. The difference between desktop browsing and mobile is the screen real estate… that is one thing that really hinders people with smartphone to browse over their phones fulltime and drop the desktop. But for quick access to information, nothing really beats pulling out my BlackBerry and have the latest movie schedule in a short notice. I have even done some online shopping while I was in the mall comparing prices.

Simply access your company webpage and check if the handheld device can display it. If it does not display properly or is not accessible at all then your business is losing out on potential sales. Your business should have an optimized website for mobile browsers. There are web design companies who can handle this for you.

While you may be thinking that mobile internet users are still a small part of the pie, you just cannot ignore how quickly this market is growing. Are you sure your business would want to miss out on that opportunity when your competitor maybe getting more customers just because mobile users could not access the information from your website over their phones?