The recent disaster that has shocked the world has been the 8.9 magnitutde quake that has rocked Japan. And if this massive quake is not enough to make you think about their situation, the waves reaching 10 meters has drowned hopes for easy recovery but I am certain that a country as industrious and ingenious as Japan is already prepared for such disaster.

The innovations that Japan has introduced to the world have brought about huge advancement in technology. Did you know that has been engaging in Social Media Marketing as early as 1999? This happened when 2channel, which is a bulletin board system (BBS), opened and with threads posted on various topics ranging from home theatre to cooking or sports it actually has more threads than topics I can think of. Well businesses have monitored these threads for over a decade now and I do believe this is the first attempts of the planet in social media marketing.

If Social media started out in Japan in 1999, then it has been way earlier than my first introduction to social media networking through Friendster, which was launched in 2002. Mixi then started in 2004 and is now holding approximately 80% of Japan’s social network population. While Mixi is exclusive for the Japanese market, due to the need of a Japanese cellphone number to be able to register to their services, they have provided its members a way to interact with people with the same interest and business are able to target marketing their products within a niche demographic.

Now Japan’s businesses are already adapting to Facebook and Twitter for their social media marketing campaigns to reach a bigger market. While Mixi still has 21 million users, Facebook Japan which started out in 2008 has only 2 million users but is growing at a rapid rate now.

Although the recent disaster that struck Japan might impede Social Media Marketing’s progress in the country, the way they have endured and rallied from Nagasaki and Hiroshima makes me a believer. I have faith that the Japanese people will bounce back and reestablish themselves as one of the world’s economic superpowers and I believe they will continue to revolutionize social media marketing.