So there’s search engine optimization and then there is local search engine optimization that what is the difference between them? What is the difference of one to the other and what are the advantages. Common sense would say that one is local and the other is not which is pretty much on the right track. SEO is broad or in general and LSEO is location specific.

Local search engine optimization helps local business through local searches. Location based searches cuts down search query results and more and more people do this to find results on what they need. Ever been in an area where you need to find plumbing services and if you type in plumbing the results would be so numerous and diverse that you would have a hard time finding the one that is within your vicinity.

The days when people rely on the Yellow Pages are gone. The company itself made their directory online. This just shows the thrust for internet revolution. Consumers rely on the internet more doing local searches for their needs and a growing number companies offer local search marketing as one of their services.

Here are some more of the benefits:

  • Local searches are displayed above normal searches. This makes your site more chances to be seen by potential clients.
  • You can update your listing to google , yahoo, bing anytime you want. Should your company have any ongoing special promotions or offers you can update it there.
  • Again local search gives your company better visibility in search results.  You can optimize your company’s local listing to include details on how to reach your store.

With these in mind it is up to you to discern if you need a local or SEO for your business website. But whichever your company needs I am certain Virtual Office Xpress (VOX) would be able to adapt and provide you the quality service that we have always provided to our clients.