Did you know that there are social media apps for smartphones that are already giving your business online reviews? Even if your business has not engaged in social media marketing we cannot stop the information that is being broadcasted over the internet. Facebook and Twitter can easily be accessed anytime, anywhere and this is like a double edged sword that could cut both ways.

Did you take notice of that customer in your shop that is constantly on his iPhone? He could be saying good things about your business in Facebook or Twitter. Or it might head to another direction with a bad review on your service. How bad would that be if this person has a pretty big social network? This impacts your business and most of the time we have no idea about it even. This is where social media management comes in. It builds better customer relationship and can build up a name for your business while promoting brand loyalty from your clients.

If you haven’t engaged your business in Social Media Marketing, I believe it is the right time to do so. Marketing on the social media landscape has the ability to blaze like wildfire. One company BlendTec has leveraged the use of YouTube and launched an ad campaign called Will It Blend? It stars BlendTec CEO Tom Dickson in a funny video showing their product blending anything they could think of. One episode shows them blending an iPhone. This campaign has reportedly increased their sales 5 fold. With social media and the way Web 2.0 works, this allows users to share these funny videos to friends creating that brand awareness for you. This is simply word of mouth advertising at its best.

Why Social Media Management?

Internet and Cable service provider Comcast ha used Twitter to handle customer relations with @comcastcares. This account has been monitoring the micro blogging site twitter for any mentions about Comcast to provide better customer relationship and shows users that the company is going out of their way to achieve customer satisfaction.

This also manages any negative impact on your business by interacting with your customers and show that you take note of their opinions which might give you insights on how to better your business. This also provides your company the visibility and personality over social networks.

Our business can provide this for your company and you can check out how here.