When picking out a Domain Name for your website you must keep some things in mind. We all aim to have better Search Engine Optimization and a domain name is one of the ways you can be able to aid in your SEO efforts.

OLD Domains

One factor that determines your Search Engine Rank Page (SERP) is domain age. Older domains cost more than new ones and search engines gives better ranking to older domains. The prohibitive costs of these domains generally indicate that the website contains quality content.

While search engines cannot determine the amount you shelled out to acquire the domain, it checks the registration date through WHOIS.

Google places importance and trust on the age of the domain that it gives better relevance on older domains than a newly registered one. So look for a domain that fits your organization and is around a year old.

An added bonus for old domains is that old links still probably exist to give your site authority. Although the links are no longer relevant it will still work in the same manner gaining your page ranks.

Domain and Keywords

A domain that matches keyword queries greatly boosts your SEO. An example is typing in NY ice cream in your search bar and on top of the page it brings up www.ny-icecream.com. This is just the way search engines work. Google and other search engines tag exact matches to domains as a navigation query. By having an exact match the search engine will give your website authority on the search and might consider it as a navigational one.

In a niche market with a small amount of competitors, a matching domain may take you to the top of Google’s search page and if it doesn’t then building up links and content should have that extra oomph to take you there. On the other hand, you are expected to invest time and money in a crowded marketplace. An exactly matched domain is an advantage to SEO efforts and not to be taken as the Hail Mary pass.