You will always see this phrase mentioned with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are several reasons as to why content is very important in a website. Website content is one of the main reasons why visitors end up in your website coming from Google search. While domain age is one factor in page ranking, a properly written and keyword rich content gets your website out of the middle of the pack. Search engines take note of websites that grow steadily over time which shows these engines that you aim to keep up your website for quite a while.

The Internet is considered the information superhighway and while there will be some who will end up in your website looking for your specific product or service, majority of web users head on to the internet for information. Thus your content should provide your visitors’ the information they are looking for. However don’t just write any article to provide your guests with reading materials but also make sure that the article is related to what your business is about. Unrelated content do bring visitors but will just be looking at your website for readable content but not for your services should they need it.

When creating content for your webpage you must first know what keywords to use to pull those visitors in. Choosing the correct keywords helps your website’s search engine optimization by reducing the number of competing websites. Another important thing about content is it gives your website more links in the long run. This is why your blogs should pique your reader’s interest. By building up links to your website gives it the authority to better rank in Google.

These are just some of the few reasons why your website content gains your website traffic. Make it a light and entertaining and you will gain visitors through either SEO efforts or gain publicity through social media.