We always see the phrase New and Original content. But what does this really mean and how does this really apply to you and your website? Well I could sum it up in three words… Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There are plenty of websites out there publishing rewritten articles even outsourced content writers. This actually is a good for your search engine ranking if done correctly but there is a cause for caution.

One thing you have to take note is how often the topic shows in your pages. New information keeps visitors while old news will make them lead their mouse pointers to the address bar. Readers want fresh ideas. I would clearly head off a different page should I read the same content over and over in a particular website.

Another item to take notice is rewritten articles. I think it is pretty much common knowledge to anyone with a basic grasp of SEO that duplicated content earns you a penalty with search engines. And I would not even begin on the legal troubles that it might head into. I would advise that you check submitted content for any duplicates over the web if you are outsourcing your content. There are several software available online that is able to do this task for you.

You have to always remember that SEO is a part of your online business strategy. Trying to search for SEO in Google will provide you with almost 50 million results. This ranges from companies offering SEO services to SEO tips and tricks. This shows how relevant or important Search Engine Optimization is to your organization as more and more startup companies offer the service. While it is difficult to write something new about this topic a fresh outlook will be able to provide you with new ideas on how to gain a slight advantage in the never ending pool of competition for search engine rankings.

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