1. A Brilliant General with an Inquisitive Mind and Intricate Knowledge of the Battlefield

“The Art of War” is a book by Sun Tzu which has been used by businesses. I believe that social media marketers are soldiers waging battles daily and victory is achieved through creating an authentic network and increasing user’s awareness to your business which would translate to better company performance. No battle was ever won without a good strategy behind it.  To achieve victory you must know where to direct artillery strikes that would achieve maximum effect. You must have intricate knowledge of your resources or tools. The Internet and Social Media is continuously evolving and as a general you must have intelligence on these changes and know how to apply them to achieve that victory.

2. A General with the Fortitude, Aggressiveness, Ingenuity and Dedication

The social media battlefield requires your dedication and perseverance. Battles are won and battles are lost. And as the general… your duty to your business or client never lets up. You must be able to adapt to any situation. You must be able to devise ways to attack and counterattack with and plan how much resources would be spent with each battle. You must be aggressive that once that opening is shown by the opponent you must strike with precision and take advantage of the situation.

3. Be the Social General

The social media battlefield is all about interaction. You must have the troops or the network to effectively launch that massive campaign of yours. And you have to remember that there is no use to have a soldier that does not believe in your cause. As the general you must oversee all aspects of your campaign and make sure you have the resources to deal with all of these properly. Build that loyalty among your soldiers. I would rather have one loyal troop than 10 soldiers with differing agendas.

4. Know Your Target

You must know which strategy would provide a victory in the battlefield and which one would end in a loss. Not all battles may be won with brute force. If it is a life insurance campaign then you must target young professionals and middle age groups. If you aim this campaign at adolescents and the elderly the results would not be the same.

5. Enjoy Yourself!

All these talk about war, battles and comparisons is aimed at lightening your mood. I believe that while you are communicating through social medium users can discern if you are wound up or uptight. To build up that relationship with your network, just loosen up and have fun.