Social Media Marketing or SMM is one of the great marketing tools that are revolutionized with growth of the internet and its increasing number of users. Social Media such as social networking sites, blogging or micro blogging services, multimedia sharing and other tools has impacted the common internet consumer and has paved the way for businesses to create and apply new marketing strategies. I am sure you would have noticed that more and more people are using Facebook and Twitter to advertise their company and market their products and services.

A novice could easily do SMM however it is not that simple to pull it off with effectiveness. There are things you need to know when social media will make your business take off and when it won’t even spark interest.

The first mistake people make is adding as many people as they can to their social network. While you have a huge number of followers if these people do not see the relevance of your business and ends up being ignored the same way a large percentage of netizens stay away from banner ads.

Another thing to remember is to keep your social profile updated and be sure to interact with other people. That’s why it is called social media marketing… you need to be social and who knows the people you are having a conversation with might end up being a new client.

Social Media Marketing is not a replacement for SEO. If you drop your Search Engine Marketing you end up losing potential customers that are not networked to your social media profiles. Continue SEO for your business website by link building and keeping your website up to date and relevant. The two methods must complement each other and you have the ability to advertise your website through social media.

These are just some of the few things you need to remember with regards to social media marketing while there are a lot more to discuss. Contact us at Virtual Office Xpress (VOX) and we can tell you more about social media or should you need management for your social media marketing.