Technology is really vast. All of us are acquiring technology in different ways. The advancement of technology is fast because there are lots of computers and other gadgets that can greatly contribute in the elevation of technology.

Just for example, the cellphone that you are using. It is indeed a product of technology that is being used on your daily living. It is a form of communication and for emergency purposes. That is for the past, but now, that the technology has transcended there are lots of improvements on cellphones, when it became colored, polyphonic tunes, cameras, and other more that caught the attention of every individual.

Some says that technology is deceiving. The right thing about technology is its purpose to provide convenience to the user. It depends upon the user how they will handle it. Advancement of technology is being scheduled depending on the people’s need.

Many companies are racing for the top provider of better technology. It is for their own purposes in earning and becoming popular. It is a fact that it’s hard to stay away from technology since we get used to it. I can’t even imagine that I will be living again with the old and traditional way of living and without the advanced technology.

Today, technology is described as those things who can give convenience to human. And as a human, it is our duty to live life with satisfaction therefore; we must associate technology in our personal living. Get use of technology not as being deceived unto it, but by also moving forward like the advancement of technology.

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