This week’s freebie is a 2mb file consisting of  100 Curriculum Vitae Templates & 25 Pages Writing Guides.


A well presented CV is both concise and comprehensive and although perhaps not studied in detail on first receipt will become essential when arriving at the interview stage.

Most potential employers are poor interviewers and will use a good CV to extract specific questions relating to your previous employment. This can enhance the two-way flow of information in that the CV provides a specific point of information for discussion and so prevents any dry up of conversation. You and the employer are then left with an impression of “that interview went well”.More importantly if the reader has a large number of applicants to read, a well designed and presented CV will make the right impression and leave him feeling he would like to hear more at an interview.A CV allows you to present yourself in the best possible light. It is a great opportunity for you to relate your skills and experiences to those required by each particular employer.

Because no two jobs or organisations are exactly the same, there is no such thing as a standard CV. Each time you apply for a job it’s up to you to identify the skills required.

For example: A bar job may require good teamwork skills and excellent verbal communication skills. Where as A publishers may require good written communication skills and commercial awareness

Of course there are plenty of CV Writing services available on the net; the problem is though… there are that many to choose from, which one can you trust? Many recruitment companies believe a top of the range CV will cost you in excess of $300 – we think that’s somewhat extreme… Even if you decide to use a professional CV Writing Service, it’s a useful exercise to complete one of your own; the preparation will be invaluable once that all important interview comes round.