We are aware that online games are very popular especially those who are in the urban areas. It takes your mind out of stress from works and problems. Though online games are very fun to play, there are different disadvantages of online gaming.

When we play computer games or online games, it takes concentration and focus. And so, we can’t take off our eyes on screen even if the phone is ringing, the water is boiling, or your favorite TV show is about to begin.

Many of us knew about the bad things that this pastime killer can cause us. This causes your children to spend more time playing than studying or doing chores. It can also isolate you from human companionships and shorten your sight.  However, there are good things about online games rather than being addictive.

When it comes to improvement and development of thinking skills and abilities, online games turns out to have many benefits. Actually, playing online games are far more beneficial than watching Television. Researchers show that playing word and puzzle games decreases the risk of having an Alzheimer’s disease while watching TV increases the risk.

Many other researches proves that playing online games, puzzles, trivia’s, and word games, gives positive effects into the youngsters’ mind. A classic game such as Tetris generates the kids’ ability to analyze shapes and think a plan ahead on. Board games such as chess help the area of thinking skills and so on.

The bottom line is that, online gaming can be beneficial yet harmful in a person’s life. Also, playing in a multiplayer mode is better than solo. Play it with your family member, friend or a companionship, because it builds teamwork and mutual relationship with each other. Have enough time to balance playing online games and having a life outside your room.