Results are difficult to tamper with The growing popularity and hence the widening marker share of Google is an established fact. Google has outgrown the competition and has set industry standards for others to emulate. Google believes that when any user comes searching for his or her query on Google, he or she should get most relevant and quality results. And this is probably how Google has maintained its sanctity as a formidable search engine to reckon with.

Google is an important tool the web is offering. It has sorted out the users’ difficulty in remembering URLs and troubles in searching for the required information. Now, users are going by the common sense. They just type in a keyword and search for the requisite information. Surely, it should be an endeavor of every website to improve Google ranking and land in top 10 search result pages.

When you are optimizing your website to get a top Google ranking, you have to be patient. Most webmasters are very eager when it comes to optimizing their website for a top Google rank and they go overboard with the use of keywords. If you do this wrongly, not only will you not rank highly on Google and the other search engines, but you may also end up getting banned from their list.

Original and informative content is what Google and the other search engines value highly. Why would they want to publish something that has already been written by someone before. The search engines are providing a service to the mass public on finding information and the more original and informative your information is with the right amount of targeted keywords, the higher is your chances of getting a top rank in Google.