Your business may be planning on putting up a website or your existing website domain is not optimized for you SEO efforts. Then it is time to go back to that drawing board and rethink. Here are some tips on choosing domain names.

  1. The famous World Wide Web or www subdomain that is ever present in the address bar majority of the time. While it is famous you must make it a point that should users forget to type in those 3 letters in the address bar would the browser will still bring them to your website.
  2. I am a mobile enthusiast and I share this interest with a lot of other users out there. Mobile sites with the m subdomain like m.facebook.com have been accessed plenty of times. I know I have accessed Facebook Mobile numerous times in the past and is way more affordable than the .mobi top level domain. You should reserve this subdomain whether you have a mobile site or not. You can never tell if you would make one in the near future and it is better to be prepared.
  3. Your domain name is considered as a brand name. This is one of the things we remember when we do visit a webpage. We should always check if popular top level domains are available. These are domains that are known to majority of the users such as .com, .net and .org.
  4. For search engine optimization (SEO) purposes we avoid using dashes in domain names.
  5. Another option is domain hacks. These are domains such as del.icio.us. These domains have gained popularity and while it may be hard to spell out with the periods in between, have been used by several companies.
  6. Targeting local audiences could be done with a country code top level domain (ccTLD). This has been effective but is limited. Some ccTLD requires you to be a resident of a certain country and if you’re not then you might forfeit the domain.
  7. It is best to have your details registered instead of others. I understand the privacy concerns regarding this matter. But the drawback of not registering your domain under your own information might end up in losing that domain altogether should something go wrong. Just imagine if your website has already made a name for itself then this happens.
  8. If you want a rare domain badly you can try out domain auctions like Sedo. It may be more expensive but you might just pick up your preferred domain name for your company website.