Social Networking Sites are really popular these days. Almost everyone has their own Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account. People from all walks of life  and across cultures and ages have taken to setting up their own social media profiles. But what is the value of having one?

First of all, social networking sites are made for people to connect with each other. Finding someone you know like a friend, local or international celebrity, family member, and classmates and connecting with them with the use of social media even if they are miles away is really awesome. Looking for someone to date, fixing a long lost relationship and meeting new people can also be done in social networking sites.

As years go by and as technology advances, social networking sites continue to improve and add new features and applications too. They added recreational games which can keep you busy and entertained. Improved profile for posting of thoughts, photos, videos, and links. Another thing is the chat app which enables you to make a live conversation with that person when he is online.

Entrepreneurs benefit a lot from social networking sites. They can freely endorse their products and/or services to millions of people using a single social media site.

Social networking sites can also cause harm, if abused too much. This is especially true for young people. They may encounter different unwanted things and ideas that they must not know at their age. Also, connecting with someone they don’t know will influence and lead them to the wrong way. For youths, parents must guide their children about these things and add extra precautions in using social networking sites.