First off let us define what crowdsourcing is and how it provides you with multiple benefits opposed to traditional employees. Crowdsourcing is similar to outsourcing where companies employ the services of companies overseas for cheaper labor costs. Crowdsourcing on the other hand does not matter where the servicing company is located. It levels out the playing field between professionals and amateurs. Crowdsourcing works as long as they are connected to the network.

It is not just big companies that outsource processes. Even small businesses nowadays outsource administrative tasks to lighten the load yet at a lower cost than hiring an employee in-house.

Different types of outsourcing companies are available and yet you are made to choose which one would fit your needs. There are big outsourcing companies and there are medium sized and there are individuals offering these services.

Do you really need a big outsourcing company to handle your needs? The advantages of these companies are that they offer you experience, however the question is if your business demands needs the services of such companies. Would the cost for their services be as low as you were expecting.

Individual crowdsourcing on the other hand offers you the personal approach. They would cater to your needs to the best of their ability. That is the drawback for individuals though. You are limited to the skill set provided.

Small sized crowdsourcing organizations on the other hand provides you with the flexibility that a large company would not be able to offer and the diverse skill set individuals collaborating towards a common goal.

Virtual Office Xpress (VOXpress) is one of the small sized organizations whose aim is delivering the best results for what tasks your company may need. The organization is a collection of professionals in differing fields of expertise. We offer the flexibility and personal touch that your business requires yet maintain professional with our dealings. We offer different types of services so contact us and our project director would be able to discuss with you and see if the company would fit your requirements.